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Walk in Refrigeration(Cold Room)

For restaurants and commercial kitchens that need a lot of cold storage space, our commercial walk-in refrigerators and freezers are ideal.

  • Trufrost Walk In Coldrooms

    • Cam Locking with Gaskets.
    • Custom Built Panels.
    • Inside and Outside Ramp.
    • Rounded Corners.
    • Sliding Doors, Control Panel, LED lighting, Energy-efficient Refrigeration Units.
    • Rack systems with option of inverter compressor.
    • Imported & locally manufactured energy-efficient compressors.
    • Designed for tropiclised conditions (Class T).
    • Stainless steel or pre-painted aluminium evaporators.
    • Option of hermetic scroll & semi-hermetic compressors.
    • Option of remote monitoring for BMS compatible HACCP controller.
    • Refrigeration Capacity BTU/Hr.: 8000
    • Temp. Range (°C): 2 to 6
    • Loading Temp. (°C): 30
    • Max. Loading (Kgs./Day): 300
    • Max. Room Volume (CFT): 525
    • Max. Room Area with 8’Ht. (SQ.FT.): 65
    • Ambient (°C): 38 to 43
    • Power* Consumption (kw): 1.6
    • Defrosting (Type): Off-cycle
    • Approx. weight (Kgs): 70

  • BlueStar Moduler Cold Room

    • Pre-fabricated insulation panels are eco-friendly from the ground-up as even the
    manufacturing process is green.
    • Each pre-fabricated insulation panel has cam-action locking devices precisely positioned
    and family anchored within it.
    • Cam-locks are also placed at exact matching locations on the tongue and groove side
    to ensure perfect locking.
    • Flush-fit doors: Aesthetic, efficient, heavy-duty flush-fit doors with thermal break perimeter
    to avoid thermal conductivity, which otherwise leads to ice formation.
    • Self-closing – Ensures that the door remains closed
    • Safety release – Doors can be opened from inside
    • Posi Seal – Provides perfect alignment of frames and ensures perfect closing movement
    • Sweep gassket – Air-tight heavy-duty sealing gasket below the door remains flexible at
    any temperature.
    Evaporating Unit
    • +ve temperature Evaporating Unit 6000-80000 BTU/hr
    • Medium temperature Evaporating Unit 12000-35000 BTU/hr
    • -ve temperature Evaporting Unit 6000-24000 BTU/hr
    • Stainless steel Body(SS304) for enhaced durability and strength
    • Removable side panels for easy sevice and minimum down time
    • Inner grooved copper tube for superior heat transfer
    • Defrost heater within the coil in low and medium temperature units to ensure total defrost
    Condensing Unit
    • + ve temperature Condensing Unit 6000-80000 BTU/hr
    • -ve temperature Condensing Unit 6000-55000 BTU/hr
    • Energy-efficient compressors
    • Pre-charged unit with service valves
    • Powder coated body makes these units UV and corrosion-resistant
    • Weather-proof polyester powder coated canopy
    Control Panel
    • HACCP provision
    • BMS compatibility

  • Celfrost Moduler Cold Room

    • Quick and easy-to-install modular construction.
    • Flexible panel sizes ensuring efficient space utilization up to the last 6 inches of space.
    • Optimal temperature management, with a choice of low-energy consuming, unitary or remote refrigeration system.
    • Refrigerator (+1 / +4C) and Freezer (-18 / -2C) and many more temperatures available Aesthetically designed flush doors.
    • Panel joints sealed with PVC gaskets, making routine cleaning easy and eliminating moisture penetration.
    • Reliable, warranty and post-warranty support available in several locations across India.
    • Scale drawings for approval and sign-off before construction begins.
    • Imported & Indian energy-efficient compressors
    • Designed for high ambient conditions
    • Plastic / powder-coated grills
    • Stainless steel or pre-painted aluminum evaporators
    • Option of hermetic and semi-hermetic
    • Compressors



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